background smokebwThis weeks challenge was to capture smokers. Once the clock struck noon, out I went with my trusty Cannon G12 to see what I could get. Pretty windy out so the hands got a bit numb but there were plenty of people willing to brave the cold.

What was very interesting was how solitary of an activity smoking is. Yes there were a few instances where friends or co-workers joined to have a chat and a smoke but the larger majority of subjects were just off on their own.

It was almost as if they were practising self reflection, taking a break from the business that is corporate life in a big city.

I am looking for topics to cover and as well your thoughts on the BW vs. Colour debate. Please email me at Randy@streetphotos.ca your ideas and if I choose one of yours, I will give you a big shout out. Remember to keep the topic simple and related to the street photography genre.

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