white coatThis weeks challenge was “People In Motion”. I went out over a couple of days, once inside and once outside and let me tell you it was cold outside! Fingers were freezing. To try and capture motion I set my camera on manual and 1/20 – 1/30 of a sec to try and keep some shape while still getting the sense of motion. It was very bright outside so I had a lot of shots with blown highlights but I just went with it and created more of a high key image. Another challenge was with my camera, which is the same with most point and shoots, it was slow to refocus. There was no “oh look at that” and fire, I had to position myself and wait and plan for subjects to enter the frame. No earth shattering, world photo winning shots here but still fun and got me out of my chair for lunch a couple of days.  To see the rest of the shots click here: Flickr

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